Welcome Page

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Center for Civic Engagement (CCE)! My name is Becca, and I am the Blogging Lead for the fall semester of 2019. I am honored to moderate a platform where CCE Fellows, all brilliant and hardworking, can share their thoughts with the world.

The Center for Civic Engagement is an institute based out of Hofstra University. While some of our most well-known events happen on campus, such as Day of Dialogue, CCE also engages with and contributes to the surrounding off-campus groups. We promote an informed and active student body so to best uphold democratic values at all community levels, from local to international.

The Hempstead High School Initiative is an outstanding example of the recent work that CCE fellows have done. New York State Public Schools are among the most segregated and economically-disparaged in the country, and the line between Hempstead and Garden City perfectly highlights this inequality. CCE Fellows Madison Mento and Daria Valan worked tirelessly during the spring semester to solidify the presence of Hofstra University tutors at Hempstead High School. Every day after school, Hempstead High School students received help with classwork, college applications, essays, and Regents exams. These fellows mobilized Hofstra students to fight a social injustice in their community. An article that further explains their work can be read here.

We are also already planning for our major events of the semester. On October 14, CCE is partnering with Board Member Professor Mario Murillo and the Office of Intercultural Engagement & Inclusion to put on a day-long Indigenous People’s Day. On October 23, CCE is hosting its annual Day of Dialogue Event. CCE is so excited to continue to generate meaningful and productive conversations on Hofstra’s Campus.

In addition, our fellows are already working with their community partners. Thomas Nielsen and I recently attended the Annual Summit for the Greater Uniondale Area Action Coalition. Other fellows are collaborating with Herstory, Homecoming Farms, and the Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives.

To stay updated on everything that we have planned for the next few months, follow us on Facebook (@hofstracce), Twitter (@hofstracce), and Instagram (@hofstracce)!

Thank you and we look forward to a great semester!