What does civic engagement mean to you?

We asked this question to our Fellows and CCE volunteers. Here are their responses:

Civic Engagement means exercising my ethical responsibility as a Hofstra student to understand and work with members of the surrounding community.

– Ariel Flajnick

I see civic participation as a vital part of being a citizen in a democracy. It should be a participatory democracy to be effective. Voting is not enough.

– Megan Teehan

Civic engagement means using your skills and passion to further the cohesion and development of your community.

-Chris Remington

Civic engagement means realizing that you are only as good as your collective community, and then actualizing that reality.

-Kayla Rivara

Civic engagement is the collaboration of peoples working together to educate and achieve goals in the community and in the world.

-Charlotte Granison

Civic engagement means opening up an active dialogue with the local community. It involves educating others on important local, domestic and international topics and encouraging action.

-Josh Ettinger

Civic engagement, in my mind, means caring enough about people and issues to do something, to raise awareness and solve (or attempt to solve) problems.

-Francesca Scaraggi

It is the ability and right of the public to partake in actions and discussion that will affect their lives.



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