What are you looking forward to?

Tomorrows the day, Tomorrows the day we’ve all been waiting for- our Annual Day of Dialogue series.

We started asking around and wanted to know what people were most looking forward to attending. Here are what some people said :

” I’m looking forward to Voting Rights Under Attack?  Threats and Opportunities in light of the relatively recent gutting of the Voting Rights Act.  The panel will apparently look at local issues as well, which makes it even more relevant. “

-Francesca S.

“They call me Q!
Award winning performance artist Qurrat Ann Kadwani: one woman features 13 characters speaking about issues of culture, identity, bullying, friendship, and self-love.” 
– Christian M.

“I’m most excited to participate in the discussion about what the death of Hugo Chavez means for South American policy. “

– Charlotte G.

“I am looking forward to “Voting Rights Under Attack? Threats and Opportunities.” Because it is not a major election year, voting rights might not be on most people’s radar, but since the Supreme Court struck down a key part of the Voting Rights Act this summer, state legislators have been quietly passing new voting restrictions, so people need to be on the alert. Additionally, there are voting rights issues locally, which many people might not be as attune to so this is an important event to understand your rights and the national context.”

– Megan T. 




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