A look-back on the Globalization Day event: The Global Sweatshop Economy & What We Can Do About It

On Wednesday, March 12th at common hour, Hofstra students had the pleasure of hearing activists Charles Kernaghan and Barbara Briggs speak at Globalization Day. Kernaghan is the executive director of the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights, and has dedicated his life to stopping inhumane working conditions across the world. If you ever check tags to see where your clothing is made, chances are they will say countries like Bangladesh, China, Honduras, etc. Kernaghan has exposed the slave-like working conditions in many of these countries highlighting multiple instances of worker deaths relating to abuse and collapsed buildings. He has helped to expose brands such as Gap, Walmart, Nike, and Victoria’s Secret that sold garments made in sweatshops. Kernaghan was very dedicated and inspiring to anyone looking to make a difference; he urged students to take a stand against injustices they come across in their lives.

For more information or to see what you can do to help visit:


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