Globalization Day Retrospective: We Crossed the BLVD with Judith Sloan



This year’s globalization day came to a fun and thoughtful finish with Crossing the BLVD; a performance by veteran journalist, activist, and performer–Judith Sloan. The performance was based on a book and audio project Judith produced with her husband, Warren Lehrer. The event took place in the Speigel Theater at 7pm and brought together students and faculty members alike.

In her roughly two hour performance, Judith introduced us to the vibrant diversity of Queens, and just a few of the  many people and cultures she met while assembling this project. Pictures and audio from the book and accompanying CD enhance the show by adding music and voice overs that connect the dots for the audience. Judith guided us across the BLVD, and we felt the helplessness of a refugee trapped in a detention center, the anxiety of a gay couple escaping persecution, and the passion of Ukrainian musician Gogol Bordello. The evening ended with a brief Q&A and a newfound affection for our immigrant neighbors in Queens.


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