LGBTQ activist Shane Bitney Crone visits Hofstra


When I initially decided to plan an event on campus, I thought, “how can I make a positive difference on this campus and within the LGBTQ community? How can I help others, who have also felt isolated and ostracized just because of who they are?”

As a result, I thought whom better to bring than Shane Bitney Crone? Shane is a filmmaker, writer, speaker, and advocate for LGBTQ rights. His documentary film Bridegroom is based on the story of the difficulties Crone faced after his partner’s death. I believed Shane’s message of equality and love is a true testament to pushing through adversity and fighting for oneself and others.

Sony and Shane Bitney Crone
Sony and Shane Bitney Crone

At the event, which featured a screening of Bridegroom, Shane provided an open honest dialogue, but also brought to our attention the struggles that people of all cultures and backgrounds face each and everyday.  It could be bullying, depression, discrimination, and loss, to name a few, but all from a different perspective- that of a loving same-sex couple.

From the feedback I received from students and faculty, I believe Shane not only touched their hearts, but also brought to light that love in the LGBTQ community is equal to those of others- that love has no restrictions. It also was able to provide the faculty, staff, and students the knowledge that here at Hofstra we support you and want you to feel comfortable and safe to be who you are.


A special thanks to the Center for Civic Engagement, the LGBT Studies Department, OUTMed, OUTLaw and The Pride Network for making this event a reality.

-Sony Abraham


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