Crisis for Mexico Democracy Situation

Since these days I am in Mexico, I saw many protest activities for the 43 students. People are really angry about the corruptions and the scary activities from the government. Ironically, the national palace which is an attraction was closed for many days. Because president do not want to see the protesters get together in the Constitution Square.


I really have interests on that, so I did interviews for many local people. They are artists, directors, students, publish people and so forth. They told me that these kind of things happens all the time. But nobody really take care of it. First, the government will still do whatever they want. Corruptions, Killings anything. Second, only small number of people in mexico do really care about the political stuffs. The majority people just get used to it, or we could say they feel not bad during this situation which the general salary standard is only $5-$6 dollar per day. What`s going on? The reason may because of the poor education system. Not too many people have a clear idea about democracy and high level living standard. Many of them live in a house with their parents or even grandparents. 10 people live in a small apartment, can you imagine that? They still feel good on that, if they can purchase a big TV.  It`s a bad circle. The government foolish the citizens through the bad education system.

The most worry thing for mexico democracy supporters is the people are lazy there and they are too easy to be satisfy. They don`t have mind of the outside world. Many of them never get out of Mexico City during the whole life. They don`t have strong mind to make progress. Even the number of the protesters are around 20 thousands of people, if you consider that the population of the Mexico City is around 9 millions of people it`s still not a big deal.

The protest activities did not change the democracy situation much but bring bad effects to Mexico. For instance, the currency rate and the stock market went down these days. The whole tourism industry was running bad during this time period too.

It`s really a democracy dilemma for Mexico. But maybe it`s also a start point for democracy itself. Good luck!


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