Community Partner GUAAC Moves Forward with Hofstra

The Greater Uniondale Area Action Coalition, better known by its acronym GUAAC, has been working tirelessly in conjunction with the Center for Civic Engagement and Hofstra University for Campus Adjacent Community Development. Through a series of proposals made to the university’s administration, the members of GUAAC expressed a desire to become a university town. While efforts go back as far as the petition started last year and the planting of Hofstra-donated tulips along Front Street, the most recent development of this partnership has been effected through a new Hofstra shuttle.

For years, Hofstra’s shuttle system has been a resource for students to get to the train, get groceries, and even watch a movie or go to the mall. However, despite Hofstra’s Uniondale location, these shuttles always took students to grocery stores in the neighboring Garden City. One of GUAAC’s many proposals was to have a shuttle take students to local grocery stores, which are not only closer to the school (saving students time and saving Hofstra on gas) but also allowing students to really be in the community where they study while supporting local businesses.

This goal has finally been reached. This new service, which is extended to students, faculty, and staff members alike, will be picking Hofstra shuttle riders up at the Student Center, and will be traveling through the commercial corridor of Uniondale. It will be making stops at the Post Office, Walgreens, Walmart and ShopRite. As an additional incentive for the service, the local ShopRite is offering $5 off Hofstra student purchases when they stop at ShopRite for the first time via the newly established shuttle. Details about the service can be seen below.

The shuttle will leave from the Student Center Bus Stop, travel south on California Avenue, make a left turn onto Front Street.

1-      The first stop is the Post Office on Front Street

2-      The second stop is Walgreens. Which is located at  603 Uniondale Avenue, at the intersection of Uniondale Avenue and Jerusalem  Avenue

3-      The third stop is the Walmart and ShopRite located in the shopping center at 1123 Jerusalem Avenue

4-      On the return to the campus the shuttle will stop again at Walgreens and the Post Office.

The  shuttle run takes approximately 30 to 35 minutes to complete. The times for the shuttle are as follows:

 Leave                    Arrive

Student                Student

Center                  Center

BUS                        BUS

STOP                     STOP

10:50 A.M.—-11:20 A.M

12:50 P.M.—-1:20 P.M.

2:20 P.M.—–3:00 P.M.

3:30 P.M.—Pick up only from stores and return to campus

For other goods and services along the shuttle route, visit “Food and a Lot More: Community Resources for Students” under the Community Partnerships Tab on CCE’s website—


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