Hofstra Conference Reviews George W. Bush Presidency

Tuesday through Thursday of this past week, Hofstra held its 12th presidential conference, reviewing George W. Bush’s presidency. Writers, members of the press, members of the administration, political cartoonists and more led panels on a wide assortment of topics relating to the Bush presidency. My favorite was the panel titled White House Communication in the George W. Bush Presidency, made up of Ed Rollins, Howard Dean, Ron Christie, and Julie Mason. The panel analyzed and discussed the media’s role in the presidency and its impact in America’s perception of  President Bush.

On the final day, I had the honor of being a student ambassador for Ed Rollins, a Republican campaign consultant and advisor. Although our political interests and opinions were often opposing, Mr. Rollins was both respectful and insightful about our differences; he told me that he was just happy to meet a young person who cared so much about politics.

The conference did a great shop of showing multiple viewpoints on an array of topics including the former president’s legislative power, relation to the media, and handling of crises. Although it ended on a note of uncertainty in regards to George W. Bush’s presidential legacy, most speakers were optimistic about the future of the ever-changing role that American presidents play both domestically and internationally.



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