Know your rights- Right the wrongs:


How do you stop a problem you are unaware of? Or a problem that doesn’t directly affect you? Does this make the problem less significant? With our event Know your rights, right the wrongs- I hope we are able to have a discussion about just these questions. By knowing what your rights, and the rights of the people around you are; you are more equipped to make changes in your society. What I personally have found moving is that even as a woman of color who always considered herself to be politically and socially aware I have come to learn that what I knew or thought I knew was only the tip of the iceberg. The fact that I am able to go to college with people of so many different backgrounds and genders in and of itself is a privilege not afforded to people in this country and most certainly was not afforded to people fifty years ago.

With movements such as #Blacklivesmatter the issue of social inequality and structural injustice are coming to the forefront. Many people who were not aware of the severity of this issue, though it has been happening for many years in this country, are now becoming active and engaging with political discourse and with communities that they may never have had communicated with before. These communities are now uniting to create a massive force of change. That being said, this new wave of social awareness has also unveiled many people who are unaware and are perfectly content in remaining that way. But without this movement, how would we right this wrong? How would we make the change that will save so many lives and spare so much heartache?


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