Meet the New Fellows

As we kick off Spring Semester 2016, the CCE department would like to introduce you to our

new fellows, who will be working with previous fellows, interns, and volunteers to plan a

variety of events both on campus and with our community partners. Feel free to approach

them with questions about getting involved with CCE, or just to say hello!

Alison Krowiak:

A Long Island native and a Junior at Hofstra, she is studying Psychology

with minors in Civic Engagement and Business. She has previously

worked with nonprofit organizations dedicated to the development of

underserved communities and youth populations, and she is excited to

continue with the CCE. She has begun working with community

partners Homecoming Farms and the Uniondale Chamber of

Commerce. Alison will also be working on the CCE Blog, grant writing,

and various events on campus. She loves to do behind-the-scenes

nonprofit work including organizing, coordinating, and research. Key

Interests: community economic development, food justice,

educational opportunity, gender and racial equality.

Pakelody Cheam:

Pakelody Cheam is a sophomore undergraduate pursuing a

B.A. in both public relations and sustainability studies. As a

new spring 2016 fellow, she plans to focus on projects

centered around promoting diversity, equality, and

environmental efforts. She’s also the social co-chair for Zeta

Phi Eta, sponsorship chair for PRSSA, and a content creator

for 20/20 Shift, a startup focused on promoting diversity in

the tech workplace.

Sakeenah Bejamin:

Sakeenah is a second-semester graduate student from

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania pursuing a M.A. in Journalism.

As a new fellow Sakeenah plans to work alongside

members of CCE on campus events and projects within the

Long Island community to bring different cultures together.

She currently works as a mentor to Long Beach High School

students through HerStory, a memoir writing workshop.

Taylor Robinson: Taylor Robinson is a Senior Undergraduate student pursing

a B.A in Psychology with a Civic Engagement minor. As a

first semester Fellow, Taylor plans to work with the

Roosevelt Youth Community Center, Meals on Wheels, and

plan as many on campus events as possible. Taylor will also

continue to work on PTSD research at the Manhattan

Veterans Affairs Hospital, where she has interned for the

past two years and developed a love for all community

activism. Key interests: Mental Health advocacy, overall

support for Healthcare accessibility, immigration activism,

and grassroots democracy.

To keep up with our new fellows and their work with CCE, be sure to like our Facebook page:

Or follow us on Twitter:


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