Steubenville at Hofstra

I attended the theatrical reenactment, Steubenville. Steubenville is a town in in Ohio and it is where the first live-tweeted rape in America took place. It took place at a high school football party in 2012. The theatrical event consisted of public reading of the trial transcripts and video interviews from students at Hofstra University based on empowerment and safety. This event was interactive with the audience. There were moments where the audience was able to anonymously text their feelings about what was reenacted. It was a creative way to keep the audience engaged and show others opinions on the matter being discussed.  

I am glad that attended this event. I did not know about this case until I attended the program. During 2012, I was still in high school so it made me reflect on the chances that this could have happened to me or anyone else in my high school. It is unfortunate that this happened to someone and that people made it go public using social media. To wake up and not know anything that happened the night before can be a horrific event. She had to find out through the Internet and people about what happened to her the night before.

This program helped me learn that people have different definitions of what consent and rape is. We should all educate ourselves on the true definitions of these words. I saw that the Hofstra community came together and shared an experience that informed us about rape culture in our society. This was an educational and informative program of what occurred in Steubenville, Ohio. It was a reminder of what goes on in America and how an event can change your entire life. I believe that Hofstra should continue to host programs like Steubenville in order to educate the community and bring awareness about different issues.

~Joandalys Tejada


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