Happy National Day of Giving! The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is a kick-off to the season of charity leading up to the holidays. Part of civic engagement means supporting the community – whether it’s the campus, local, state, national, or global community. Giving to organizations that support people and improve society not only helps the community, but it actually has a host of other benefits that start within the individual donor and spread to others.

For example, giving to charitable causes can actually lower stress, increase happiness, and promote mental health in the giver! It also causes a chain reaction. People may be more likely to give to charity when they see or hear about others doing it. Giving can also include giving time, which has the benefit of bringing people together under a positive goal. This comes with its own benefits, as social connection and teamwork are positive on every level from the biology of the individual to jump-starting positive patterns across society.

However, #GivingTuesday should also be a reminder that community organizations need support throughout the year, not just during busy season where they experience a bump in giving. Often, charities find themselves gratefully receiving support and supplies during the holidays and experience shortages after.

Looking for a way to give? Hofstra’s Home for the Holidays Drive will benefit the Interfaith Nutrition Network (INN) in Hempstead by giving much-needed personal care items to people who might otherwise go without.


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