Community Partners

Barack Obama Elementary School – College students serve as mentors and work closely with elementary school students.
Greater Uniondale Area Action Coalition (GUAAC) – a cross-section of community groups in Uniondale whose primary role is to ensure that all stakeholders in Uniondale have the opportunity to engage in a meaningful community planning process. Emphasizes community development, poverty alleviation through Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics (STEM) learning enrichment and enhancing second language proficiency, gentrification and redistricting issues.
Hempstead High School Initiative (HHSI) – The Hempstead High School Initiative is a coalition of community and Hofstra based organizations offering services to adolescent youth in the Hempstead Village area. HHSI coordinates and synergizes existing programs/services and assists in the development of new ones. The initiative publicizes these opportunities through a variety of venues, including social media as well as outreach to civic associations, religious congregations, and community-based advocacy groups.
Herstory- Herstory offers numerous workshops that allows for people, especially youth in high school, to be empowered and write about personal experiences.
Homecoming Farm- Homecoming Farm is an organization that works to create organic farming on Long Island.
Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives – The Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, activist organization founded in 1985 to educate on peace, nonviolence, and human security issues and to promote dialogue on America’s Role in the World and the responsibility of citizens in determining national priorities and policies.
Uniondale Chamber of Commerce- The Uniondale Chamber of Commerce was designed to encourage economic growth within Uniondale as well as promote new businesses to move to Uniondale.
Uniondale Community Land Trust- The Uniondale Community Land Trust focuses on the creation of sustainable and affordable housing. The goal is to make Uniondale a livable community where people have the opportunity to own their own homes.



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