Past Fellows

 Christian Mpoy 
christian mpoy
Year at Hofstra: Senior (Class of 2013)
Major/Minor: Health Science/ International Affairs
I aspire to become a physician; one of my greatest goals is to go back to help improve the health conditions in my country, the Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as the African continent before traveling worldwide to assist in medical programming  An old central African proverb says, ” When you take the elevator up to reach the top, please don’t forget to send the elevator down.” In other words, when you reach your success in life, do not forget to help others that come after you. I want to reach back to help under-privileged populations in Africa and worldwide.I want to visit remote places to deliver treatments personally.
Other Affliations: NOAH program, Co-founder and president of Hofstra Afrikan Students Association (HASA).
Priyanka Jaisinghani 

A junior at Hofstra University, majoring in Psychology with minors in Arabic and Public Relations, Priyanka has been a part of the Center for Civic Engagement since her freshman year.  She hopes to take what she has learned at Hofstra and the passion the CCE has cultivated within her, to work in India after graduation and foster change there.  Education is the foundation for change.


Rosie Ortiona

Rosie Ortiona
Rosie Ortiona is CCE’s law intern and is currently attending Maurice A. Deane School of Law. She is a Hofstra University Honors College and cum laude graduate with a B.A. in Economics. Ever since her freshman year at Hofstra, Rosie has participated in various rallies, protests, campaigns, and lobbying efforts to preserve our natural environments due to both her fear of depleting resources and her hope of local organizations joining together to provide future generations with a cleaner and safer tomorrow. With such a background in environmental advocacy and leadership, Rosie intends to pursue a career in environmental law with a focus on climate change adaptation. Rosie Ortiona first joined CCE in her junior year of college and has continued her participation with the group into her legal education. She strongly believes in the group’s aim to educate the Hofstra campus about pressing issues our generation faces and the group’s goal to assist our community partners. In her spare time, Rosie likes to act on her passions for photography and photojournalism.

Ciara Musson

Ciara Musson

Ciara Musson is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Television and Business at Hofstra University. She joined CCE during her sophomore year looking for an outlet to expand her understanding of civic issues as well as to become actively engaged on campus. Working with the Communications Department, Ciara helps with communications and promotions, allowing her to apply her love for media for the betterment of CCE. This past semester, she has been an integral part of the Greater Uniondale Area Action Coalition by helping spread the word about the major benefits the organization has to offer. Ciara is so grateful to be a part of CCE as it has fostered great communication and organizational skills that she hopes to use one day as a successful television producer.
Kayla Rivera
From the east end of Long Island, I didn’t have to travel far to realize the truth in the phrase “Act locally, think globally.” Indeed, CCE has actualized this principle through education, organizing, and activism, and has taught me how to take a meaningful part in my community—both locally and globally. As a student, radio co-host, and activist, the goals ahead often seem overwhelming. But no matter the odds, civic engagement is absolutely integral to my civic role. Perhaps Alice Walker said it best when she noted, “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”
Agnes Mathenge 

We live in a world where we can no longer afford to wait and see as someone else tries to place their impact so that we can hope for a change. Instead we are forced to act to see the change that we so believe in. My name is Agnes Gakenia Mathenge, a Mathematical Business Economics major and an intern at the Centre for Civic Engagement. I come from Africa- (Kenya to be precise), a continent known predominantly for war, poverty and disease, yet it is the boiling pot of so much potential that is so needed in the world today. As a native of the continent it then becomes my responsibility to try and change that which ails us, by learning about what the root of the problem is and acting positively towards a change. Working for CCE therefore provides this training ground of how to approach issues such as the economy, human rights and the environment and create awareness that eventually impacts people and causes them to see a need for change. This is what I would want to see in Kenya, in Africa, these acts that do lead to a positive and long-lasting change.

Ariel Flajnik

Ariel Flajnik

Ariel Flajnik is a Senior at Hofstra University, studying History and Latin American and Caribbean Studies. She has been a member of the Hofstra University Honors College since 2009, and was inducted into Phi Alpha Theta, the National History Honors Society, in 2011, after winning the Robert L. Payton Prize for Best Seminar Paper in the History Department. Ariel has been a fellow with Hofstra’s Center for Civic Engagement since 2011, working on the Communications Committee and with various community partners, especially The National Day Laborer Organizing Network. In 2012, she also participated as a Herman Goldman Foundation Democracy Fellow in the Center for Civic Engagement’s Deepening Democracy Through Deliberation project. On campus, Ariel serves as President of Women of Action, Secretary of the Hofstra Historians, and a member of Students for a Greener Hofstra. Ariel is also a staff member at WRHU, Radio Hofstra University, contributing to Hofstra’s Morning Wake-Up Call and Alternativa Latina. Recently, Ariel has been hired as a Program Assistant and Peace Fellows Coordinator by the Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives as they launch their Pilot Peace Fellows Program at the university.

Paige Lock

Paige Lock

Paige Lock is a senior at Hofstra University and is currently pursuing a degree in History and Women’s Studies. A long time fan of CCE sponsored campus events, she waited until her junior year to begin participating herself  and quickly wished she had done so earlier. Working with the CCE has greatly enhanced her Hofstra experience, as well as her experience relating to non-profits – a field she hopes to continue working in after she graduates. Paige is particularly interested in Women’s, Worker’s and Immigrant’s rights; working with the CCE has allowed her a greater reach in perusing advocacy for these causes. Through CCE Paige has worked with The Workplace Project , NDLON and The Kimmel Housing Development Foundation. This spring she will begin working with UNITY Housecleaners Cooperative.


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