Deliberative Democracy Project

A series of forums in local middle schools and high schools, moderated by faculty and CCE Fellows, designed to promote civic literacy and tackle the critical issues facing the nation, including immigration, the deficit, the economy, energy independence and climate change.

Voter Registration

The CCE coordinates voter registration tables in collaboration with various local community organizations addressing civic engagement and voter empowerment. These registration efforts take place during every summer orientation session, and during election season, twice a week through the voter registration deadline in October.

Expressions of Democracy/ Democracy in Performance

U.S. democracy comes to life on campus as student and professional actors, dancers and musicians create a series of performances that highlight pivotal moments in our nation’s history. A variety of events explore immigration, workers’ issues, the Great Depression, the struggle for the abolition of slavery and voting and civil rights, and the concerns and treatment of veterans. Local Middle and high school classes studying American history and social issues attend these presentations, held both in 2008 and2012 prior to the Presidential debates that were hosted on campus.


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