What CCE means to us

“The CCE opened my eyes to a world of opportunities and leadership that I had not seen before.  It showed me that every action ahs an impact in the world and I can change it for the better”                                            
                                       – Jessica Mendeza (Class of 2010)

“Before I joined I didn’t know what to do. CCE became my platform and made me realize that college is so much more than classes”

                                                       – ,Class of 2014

“The CCE made me who I am today. CCE literally instaled the leadership capabilitieson me that have allowed me to capitalize on my passions and make a meaningful, lasting difference in both mine and other’s lives”

                                      – Amanda Preston, Class of 2012

“CCE has molded me into the person I am today by giving me the necessary skills I needed”

                            – K.C,


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